Do you have questions on how to curl hair?

Please watch the video below! - It is a tutorial on how to use soft spikes and curl hair! 

I buy Soft Spikes in bulk and they can be purchased from me during any class. You will need to purchase 'End Papers' from any Sally's Beauty Supply store as well as Garnier Fructis Spray Gel. Spray gel can be bought at any local supermarket, pharmacy, target... Other moms have decided they like Soft Spikes spray gel better as it is a lighter texture and doesn't weigh the curls down as much. Everyone has different hair so you will need to play around a little bit to see what works best for your child's hair. 

**I find that dry hair curls much better than wet hair.**

Before you take the curlers out make sure you use a blow dryer to make sure the gel has set! Then lightly spray with hair spray to keep from frizzing. Do not add too much hair spray as it will weigh the curls down. Again, the amount of hairspray you use will depend on your child's hair type.