Non-Competitive Irish Dance

Tir Na Nog Irish Dance is proud to be the only FULLY NON-COMPETITIVE IRISH DANCE SCHOOL in RHODE ISLAND. While many other dance schools in Rhode Island will say they are Non-Competitive, that usually means they don't make all their dancers compete. However, that competitive atmosphere still will exist within the school. 

Tir Na Nog Irish Dance strives to be a family-friendly environment where children can learn the traditions of Irish Dance while making friends and having fun! With no worries about points and scores, or the stress of preparing for the next (pricey) competition, Tir Na Nog Irish Dancers are allowed to learn Irish Dance and grow at their own pace! 

An additional benefit of Non-Compettitive Irish Dance is longevity and love of the sport! Many times competitive dancers get burnt out while competing. The pressure of competition and doing better than their peers, and the expectation of their teacher to achieve high scores can create an atmosphere where children no longer enjoy dancing which can often lead to them deciding to quit.

Tir Na Nog Irish Dance is proud to be a performance-based school. The dancers enjoy performing for elementary schools, nursing homes, children and youth groups, holiday fairs, and at many other public venues! Performing allows the dancers to build their confidence, work with the peers, and radiate their joy of Irish Dance to the audience without the pressure of competition!